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XS Services was established in 1992 as a complimentary addition to my existing plumbing business. It has been an extremely popular business since its inception. Initially we started with the Septic Tank Cleaning truck XS Waste Removal which is very busy with a lot of our clients living rurally.

In 2007 we added to the business portable toilets XS Loos 4 U which have proved very popular with our building and weekend clients. We provide a superior service in that when the toilets needs cleaning we collect it and supply the client with a fully serviced toilet which is clean and all the supplies fully replenished. An added bonus is we supply a waterless hand sanitiser that does not need paper towels to use as this evaporates (kills a wide range of bacterias).  We also cater for Wheelchair access.

Further down the track in 2007 we added a water truck XS Water which has proved vital to our clients in the continuous hot summer months.  Carries an extra large tank (12000L) which is more than most other domestic water carriers. We also empty, clean and refill water tanks.

In 2008 we added Portable Showers into the mix XS Loos & Showers 4 U to the portable toilet business. These are LPG gas bottle heated and runs off a normal garden hose. Really good for an extra at the bach that needs another shower or you are having your bathroom or toilet renovated. Saves relocation while alterations are taking place.

All of these services compliment each other and we are continually striving for improvements.


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Water supply | Septic tank cleaning | Portable toilet & Shower hire

We understand how important it is to have a friendly, prompt and personalised service. X-S understands your individual requirements and our customer satisfaction proves this.

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XS Services Limited
Waikato Wide Specialists

Office. 07 824 5537
Fax. 07 824 5536



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