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Septic Tank Systems are an effective long standing method for collecting, treating and disposing of sewage from rural and suburban homes. Septic Tank Systems are used when connecting to septic plants are not accessible. They safely treat and dispose of wastewater produced in bathrooms, laundrys and kitchens.

All wastewaters from the home should flow into the Septic Tank System and then flow into the effluent field.


  1. Do not put too much water into the Septic System.
  2. Do not add any sanitary material or disposable nappies into the system.
  3. Restrict the use of garbage disposal units.
  4. Get the system emptied every 2-3 years or it will cause the drainfield to fail and cause blockages.
  5. Do not to put cooking oils or fats down as it clogs the system.
  6. Also do not to put down any solvents, pesticides, or other household chemicals that are not septic tank safe as this will kill the microorganisms that help purify the wastes.


Our Septic Tank Cleaning Technician is a qualified drainlayer and will notify you of any problems with your tank or effluent field and any related issues to keep your septic system healthy.

** The frequency of emptying will vary with the size of the tank and the solid content of the wastewater and amount of people in the household. **

Please feel free to discuss any queries you may have.


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